Terms & Conditions

1.1 Lagant: the companies Lagant Management Consultants BV, Lagant Academy BV and Lagant Groep BV

1.2 Client: the natural person or legal entity with whom an agreement has been concluded with regard to participation in a course.

1.3 Student: the natural person who actually takes part in the course on behalf of the client. The Client and the Participant can be the same natural person.

1.4 Course: course, training, workshop, self-study, coaching, counseling or any other meeting with the aim of transferring and / or increasing knowledge and / or skills.

1.5 Open course: course where Lagant takes care of the location, arrangement and organization.

1.6 'In-company' course: course with participation by student (s) from the same company and / or organization and where the client is responsible for the location, arrangement and organization.

1.7 Conditions: these general conditions.

2.1. These terms and conditions apply to all quotations, general offers,
(legal) acts, agreements and the like of Lagant, regardless of whether these are related to or follow on from quotations already made, general offers, (legal) acts, agreements and the like.

2.2. Participants (consumers) have a cooling-off period of at least 14 days. This reflection period also applies if the participant books the training and the company or employer pays for it. If the company concludes the agreement, no reflection period applies. This reflection period also does not apply to e-learning products, books and if the training has already started.

2.3. All information provided by customers will be treated confidentially by Lagant, its employees and teachers.

2.4. Applicability of the client's general terms and conditions is excluded insofar as they conflict with these terms and conditions.

2.5. By placing an order you indicate that you agree with the delivery and payment conditions. Lagant reserves the right to change the delivery and / or payment conditions.

2.6. When placing an order through the Lagant webshop, you indicate that you agree to receive an electronic invoice. You will receive this invoice digitally in PDF format.

3.1 Registration for the training takes place in writing, by telephone or electronically. This can be on a publicly offered training or on the basis of a quotation by Lagant.

3.2 If Lagant accepts the application, this will be confirmed to the candidate or client. If the application is refused, this will be reported to the candidate or client with reason (s).

4.1 All applicable rates, costs and surcharges are stated in the quotation or on the website

4.2 The course price stated in the quotation is only binding during the period of validity of
that quote.

4.3 If VAT applies to a course, the stated prices are exclusive of VAT and are charged inclusive of VAT.

4.4 Prices can be adjusted on the basis of unforeseen circumstances.

4.5 Prices will be adjusted in case of changes in the VAT regime and / or the amount of the applicable VAT rates.

5.1 After registration for a course or after acceptance of the quotation as referred to in article 3, Lagant can send an invoice with regard to the course to the client.

5.2 Payment by the client must be made in full within 14 days of the invoice date, but no later than before the start of the first day of the course, without any right to discount or settlement, by means of a deposit into a bank or giro account designated by Lagant, unless otherwise stated in writing. agreed.

5.3 If the client has not paid within the period referred to in paragraph 2 of this article, he will be in default by operation of law without further notice of default being required. In that case, the client also owes interest of 1% per month, calculated on the outstanding invoice amount, without further notice from the due date until the date of full payment, whereby part of a month is regarded as a whole month.

5.4 If the client does not pay or does not pay on time, the resulting costs for Lagant are for the account of the client. These costs include all judicial and extrajudicial costs, such as the costs of summons, collection, counsel / lawyer. The extrajudicial costs are set at at least 15% of the amount to be claimed.

5.5 If Lagant has not received full payment of the course price before the start of the course, the course participant is not entitled to participate in the course, without releasing the client from the obligation to pay the full course price plus any additional cost.

5.6 Objection to an invoice can be made in writing up to 8 days after the invoice date, after which the settlement will also take place in writing.

6.1 All intellectual (property) rights with regard to course material, software, additional documentation and all other materials used or provided in the context of a training rest with Lagant.

6.2 The client or participant in the training is not permitted to reproduce, distribute or otherwise use items made available by Lagant, as stated in article 5.1, in whole or in part, in violation of the intellectual (property) rights of Lagant.

7.1 Lagant is not liable for any damage caused by or related to participation in a course of Lagant or the cancellation of the course agreement by Lagant, unless Lagant can be blamed for intent or gross negligence.

7.2 If at any time Lagant is liable for any damage despite the provisions of paragraph 1, it will never amount to more than the total of the amounts invoiced and paid on the basis of the relevant agreement.

7.3 Lagant is not liable for any errors in printing or typesetting.

8.1 Lagant reserves the right to make changes to the course schedule and / or course times. If a training is interrupted or rescheduled and it is impossible for a candidate to participate, the corresponding portion of the course fee will be refunded. Lagant does not accept any further liability for moving or interrupting training courses.

8.2 Lagant has the right to cancel training courses due to lack of registrations. In this case it is possible to move the registration free of charge to the next training or to have the full course fee refunded. Lagant does not accept any further liability for the cancellation of training courses.

8.3 In case of force majeure, Lagant may reschedule the training or course day at any time. In that case, Article 8.1 will apply. In case of illness of the trainer, Lagant will always try to provide another trainer. If this is really not possible, the course day will be rescheduled.

9.1 Cancellation or rescheduling by the Client must be in writing or by e-mail
at [email protected] to happen. The cancellation is only final once it has been confirmed by Lagant by email.

9.2 Cancellation or rescheduling up to 20 working days before the start of the training is free of charge. Cancellation or rescheduling from 20 to 12 working days before the start of the training is 50% of the course fee.
Cancellation or relocation less than 12 working days before the start of the training, the full course fee is due.

9.3 If a candidate is unable to attend, the client can register a replacement candidate at no extra cost up to 2 working days before the start of the training. This registration must be made in writing or by e-mail [email protected] and the replacement candidate must also be accepted by Lagant. Failure to do so will be considered a cancellation. It is not possible to register a replacement candidate less than 2 working days before the start of the training.

9.4 Cancellation or rescheduling of the course by the client after the start is not possible.

10.1 Cancellation or rescheduling by the client must be done in writing or by e-mail [email protected] to happen. The cancellation is only final once it has been confirmed by Lagant by email.

10.2 No costs are payable for cancellations up to 15 working days before the start of the exam. For cancellation less than 15 working days before the start of the exam, the full exam fee is due.

10.3 It is possible to reschedule the exam once, as long as this is requested at least 15 working days before the scheduled exam date. In case of relocation less than 15 working days before the start of the exam, administration costs of € 82 (excl. VAT) are due. For the second rescheduling of the same exam, less than 15 working days before the start of the exam, the full exam fee is due.

10.4 In the event of a relocation as referred to in paragraph 3 of this article, Lagant can pass on any price increases of the exam to the Client. Lagant will make this known at the time of the transfer request.

10.5 Failure to bring a valid proof of identity (passport, identity card or driver's license) or showing up too late / not at the exam will result in exclusion from participation in the exam. The full exam fee is due.

10.6 The exam is not transferable to other persons.

10.7 A voucher for an exam is valid for 6 months from the date of purchase, unless otherwise agreed upon when purchasing the exam. In that case, the voucher will display the date until which it is valid.

11.1 Days on which a student cannot be present can be reported upon registration. If Lagant accepts the registration despite this absence, a solution will be sought in mutual consultation to make up for the missed parts.

11.2 All missed training days due to illness, accident or pregnancy will be charged, up to a maximum of five days per student per training. In case of illness, this must be reported to Lagant as soon as possible, no later than 10:00 am of the first day of illness.

11.3 All missed training days that were not reported in registration and that were not caused by illness, accident or pregnancy (see 11.2) will be charged.

12.1 In the event of a consumer purchase, in accordance with the Distance Selling Act (Article 7: 5 BW), the customer has the right to return part of the delivered goods within a period of 14 days without giving any reason. This period starts as soon as the (digital) ordered goods have been received and / or delivered.

12.2 After purchasing a self-study, cancellation is only possible within 14 days (reflection period) after purchasing the self-study and if the self-study has not been used by the participant (not logged in for the first time).

12.3 The right to cancel or change, as described in paragraphs 6.1 and 6.2, only relates to the delivered goods and will in no case relate to purchased digital services such as digital books.

12.4 Before canceling the self-study, the student is obliged to inform Lagant of the reason for return in writing. The student must be able to prove that the purchased products are still in unused condition. If a product is used and / or damaged in any way, the right to cancellation lapses.

12.5 A tutorial is accessible for 6 months from the moment the account is created. Extension of a self-study is possible for a fee. The extension takes effect when the original period has ended. So if you ordered a 2-month extension on April 12 and your self-study has ended on 1/4/2021, your extension will run until 31/5/2021.

13.1 Exam guarantee does not apply to every exam that Lagant offers. Our website clearly states for which exams the exam guarantee applies. For other exams it is possible to purchase an exam guarantee (insurance). For more information, see the Lagant website.

13.2 Exam guarantee only applies if the participant buys a training (including self-studies) with exam via Lagant (not through resellers) and when no discount has been given on the purchased product including exam, unless otherwise agreed in writing.

13.3 For each purchased product, the participant is entitled to one free re-examination if the participant can demonstrate that he/she did not pass this exam the first time. Specific requirements apply for each exam. These requirements are clearly described with the product on the website (

13.4 The participant can only invoke the Exam Guarantee if the participant has taken the relevant exam within two weeks after the last practice, with at least 50 questions, in the memo trainer (part of our Exam Trainers and Self-studies).

14.1 In the context of a concluded agreement, we can make you offers about similar products and services, provided that you have not objected to them. The option to file an objection is stated at the time of providing your data. In addition, in every communication you will be offered the opportunity to object under the same conditions to the further use of your e-mail address.

14.2 When collecting your e-mail address for reasons other than in the context of a concluded agreement, it will not be used to transfer unsolicited communications if you have not given your consent.

14.3 We only use your postal address to send information that you have requested.

14.4 Unless you have indicated that you do not appreciate this, we may contact you by telephone to inform you about products and services. With every call you will be informed of the possibility to object to this and to register in the do not call me register.

14.5 We only process other personal data if:
1.the data processing is necessary for:
a.the execution of an agreement concluded with you;
b. the proper fulfillment of a public-law task;
c. the promotion of our legitimate interest (unless your interest or fundamental rights and freedoms prevail over this interest), or;
2. you have consented to the processing when collecting this.
We keep your data after the quotation, general offer, (legal) act, agreement and the like of Lagant has been fully executed so that we can view this data (for example exam results) at a later time. We will delete these if you request us to do so.

14.6 Lagant is obliged to keep all information regarding the customer secret. The collected information is only used internally and is not passed on to other organizations, unless this is necessary for the proper execution of the agreement.

14.7 We have implemented the necessary security measures to prevent the loss, misuse or alteration of information we receive.

14.8 On request, we provide insight into the personal data that we have recorded to the data subject. Any incorrect data can be corrected, supplemented or removed. If you would like to access this information, or correct your personal information, please contact us at [email protected]. The employee must verify your identity before releasing the data.

15.1 All quotations, general offers, (legal) acts and the like of Lagant and agreements between Lagant and the client are governed by Dutch law.

15.2 All disputes that arise between the parties as a result of a quotation, general offer, (legal) act, agreement and the like, to which these terms and conditions apply or as a result of agreements arising from this, will be brought before the competent court in Utrecht, unless the law prescribes otherwise.

Lagant applies the general terms and conditions and code of conduct of the trade association Ndutch Rthank you Training and Oplea (NRTO).

NRTO Terms and Conditions en NRTO Code of Conduct.

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