The High Performing Project Manager (HPPM)

New year training for Senior Project Managers who want to develop their personal leadership and project skills. You work day and night, it seems like you never get it right. Your clients always want something different, your stakeholders are demanding, deadlines are a constant challenge and you would like to get further with your team(s). Do you also know this feeling? Do you also dream of working as 1 team, happy faces, having your project under control and achieving the intended results?
Duration: 13 days
On request
5 coaching conversations
4 intervision sessions
extensive handout/course material

HPPM is a one-year development program in which you develop yourself in your profession through training, coaching, peer review, project review and a group project.

As a project manager you operate in a VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguity) world in which projects not only become larger and more complex, but the speed of action also increases. That is why the program is based on 3 pillars: next to project management is there attention to leadership and personal development. Working more consciously, thinking through breakthroughs and letting go of old patterns help you to take on your challenges energetically.

Learning from and with each other

The program has the following structure and runs throughout the year. The training sessions are live and there is a meeting about once a month.

We start with a Lumina 360 Leadership Profile, a short questionnaire and intake. There are 5 training blocks (2 x 3 days, 2 x 1 day and 1 completion day with stakeholders). 5 days where your own project at work is central, through a morning review. In the afternoon we will work on an HPPM social project of your choice. In this social project you can experiment with everything learned in a safe environment. Personal guidance takes place in the 5 coach conversations and peer learning in 4 intervision sessions spread over the year.

Program setup

  • In addition to a short general questionnaire, the participant completes a Lumina Leider 360 questionnaire
  • Intake interview participant and trainers
  • Training block 1 (3 days)
    • Get to know each other
    • Conclude an informal contract
    • Knowing your own leadership style
    • High Performing Project Manager (HPPM) (own) project
    • initiation phase
    • Define value proposition
    • Behavioral anchors
    • HPPM personal mindset and strategy for success
  • Assignment between the training blocks
  • Training block 2 (3 days)
    • definition phase
    • Creating a healthy team
    • High Performing Project Manager (HPPM) (own) project
    • Realization phase
    • monitoring and control
    • Various HPPM leadership tools and skills
  • HPPM group project and Project reviews, learning and coaching (2 days)
  • Training block 3 (1 day)
    • Optimal influence
    • HPPM change management
  • HPPM group project and Project reviews, learning and coaching (2 days)
  • Training block 4 (1 day)
    • Closure and evaluation phase
    • Open space
    • Evaluation HPPM
    • Preparation presentations
  • HPPM group project and Project reviews, learning and coaching (1 day)
  • Completion
    • Presentation for managers and stakeholders
    • Observations, requests, advice and next steps
    • Group project presentation for stakeholders
    • Observations, requests, advice and next steps

For a 2-day stay with hotel accommodation (first 2 training sessions)

  • First day 09.00-20.00 with dinner afterwards
  • Second day 09.00-17.00
  • 1-09.00 applies to all 17.00-day training courses and review days
  • Coaching sessions are scheduled separately; We also make separate agreements with the participants for intervision sessions
  • Participants are expected to participate in all training days and review days

Please note: the training does not include hotel accommodation and meals.

This training is intended for senior project leaders who have at least 7 years of experience as a project manager

Your project has some of the following characteristics:

  • Scope: integral, multidisciplinary projects with both functional and business competencies. (Combination of for example: development, IT, production, logistics, product management, marketing, business/organization improvement, change management).
  • Unfamiliar environment: innovation, 'first of a kind' projects, new business, new customer.
  • Impact: large business value or project budget > 4 M Euro
  • High risk profile
  • Stakeholder level: complex stakeholder field including C-suite; internal and external parties involved.
  • Lead time > 1 year
  • Team size: core team and sub teams; core team 5-10 FTE and incl sub teams > 25 FTE

At the end of the development program you will have grown in your personal leadership

Your professional knowledge as a project manager has been strengthened. You are able to energetically stay on course in your project and you know how to enthuse others. You can make a performance analysis and take control of adjustments based on breakthrough thinking with new skills and new tools. You have access to and are able to deal effectively with the unknown, the speed, the complexity in your project, the management of your project team members and the management of your stakeholders with pleasure and ease.

De The High Performing Project Manager (HPPM) can only be booked in-company

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In-company training

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