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This Change Management online tutorial will help you realize your change ambitions with your colleagues. It is THE leading Change Management certificate for professionals who want to contribute to organizational changes and transformations. It has been developed to help people and organizations make a positive impact in the face of change. It provides insights and techniques to effectively prepare for changes and realize successful transformations. In just a few months you will learn to apply Change Management at your own pace, in a structured way.
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Study load: at least 16 hours

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APMG Change Management Foundation exam

This e-learning enables you to gain the knowledge in your own time to pass the APMG Change Management Foundation exam which is included in this training. The content of this training is based on CMBoK (Change Management Body of Knowledge). With this online training you can immediately get started in practice, with which you can realize change ambitions together with colleagues. Four areas are covered:

  1. Change and the individual, every change is a personal process
  2. Change and the organization, concepts of how change works in organizations
  3. Communication and stakeholder engagement, how to communicate and get stakeholders excited
  4. Change management practices, examples from practice

This tutorial is intended for anyone who is responsible for or involved in organizing or supervising a change process or reorganization. You want to learn how to get people on board and how to successfully implement changes. The study load is at least 16 hours. No specific prior knowledge is required.

Prerequisites and study load:

For this training we recommend HBO work and thinking level. In addition to completing the self-study, which takes approximately 16 hours, a time investment of between 10 and 15 hours must be counted for the preparation for the exam.

Subjects that will be discussed are:

  • Agile change approaches
  • Behavioral change
  • Change programs and Business transitions
  • Change impact analysis
  • communication plans
  • Realizing Change Projects
  • Leading Change
  • Change management activities
  • How to deal with resistance
  • Stakeholder management

After completing this tutorial, you will have acquired the following knowledge:

  • How the process of organizational change or transformation takes place.
  • The roles needed to build teams most likely to bring about successful organizational change.
  • How people respond to organizational changes and how they can help them adapt.
  • Developing strategies to keep people motivated as an organization changes.
  • The different types of change processes, eg planned and emerging change.
  • How to keep stakeholders involved as an organization changes.

The acquired knowledge can be secured with the APMG Change Management Foundation exam, of which the voucher is included. The closed-book exam consists of 50 Multiple-Choice questions of which 50% must be correct, and takes a maximum of 40 minutes.

As an option, on all our online self-studies we offer the possibility to use an experienced trainer / coach who will guide you personally. This experienced trainer can discuss the theory with you and indicate how it is used in practice. You can also discuss any uncertainties about the material. Contact with a trainer is exclusively online or by telephone, 3 hours is reserved for this. The trainer will indicate after each contact how much of this time remains.

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