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Agile & Scrum at Lagant

You want to set up your teams in such a way that they will fly, you want to get a grip on what your teams deliver and above all: make your customers happy. This can be done with the help of agile and scrum. The basis on which large companies such as ING, Heineken and run very successfully.

Our training courses are distinguished by their interactivity, experiential assignments and making a translation to your own work practice. Do you want to study at your own pace? Then you just choose an online tutorial to achieve this.



Why Agile & Scrum?

The world has become much faster. Globalization is taking place. Mobile phones, the internet and social media have become an integral part of our society. The ease of automation ensures that our work is increasingly shifting from process work to knowledge work.

In the XNUMXs, Jeff Sutherland and Ken Schwaber developed Scrum®. A framework to make teams function better. Scrum® forms the basis of all modern ways of developing software and products. While Scaling Agile frameworks such as SAFe® build on this and help organizations to be successful.

Learn to work agile with the scrum technique

Thanks to our extensive range of off- and online training, guidance and self-study, you develop exactly the knowledge and skills that suit your position. Because at Lagant it's not about the theory, but how you apply it in practice. And how it will benefit you and your customer. Whether you are a product owner, scrum master or business analyst. Or want to be of course.

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