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Do you want to learn how to integrate agile and lean working with project-based and programmatic working? Then you have come to the right place.

With Agile PM or Agile PgM we teach you to work in an agile way on a project basis. Because project-based working and agile can be combined perfectly. This way you can continuously improve and develop. Project-based agile working fits perfectly with product development or development with a start and end point.
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This is how you work agile and lean

Many teams struggle with their delivery power and focus. The Agile project management (AgilePM) and Agile program management (Agile PgM) training courses are best practices in this area. These two courses provide actionable tools and insights to help teams and organizations become more effective and innovative. For example, through lean working.

  • The Agile PM training offers insight into how the world of agile can be combined with project-based working
  • The Agile PgM training teaches you to combine agile with programmatic working

Lagant's training courses are unique because of the interactive, experiential working methods and the translation to your own work practice. So don't present endless sheets.

Agile project management and agile program management in practice

Are you curious about a practical example? In the video below, we explain the results and successes that fintech company Unified Post has achieved thanks to Agile PM. They work faster and more flexibly and deliver higher quality. Knowing more? watch the video

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