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NLP for agile coaches

As an agile coach or scrum master you work in the midst of teams that are constantly on the move. If everyone works well together, every sprint is a party. Unfortunately, you regularly run into bumps that disrupt cooperation. Team members get in each other's way. Someone feels left out or the atmosphere deteriorates for no apparent reason.

Lagant is the specialist in NLP for Agile coaches

NLP stands for Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Via NLP you gain insight into the processes that play a role in communication with others. Our training ensures that you better assess the patterns between people and respond to them more effectively. People managers, coaches, change managers and sales professionals successfully apply NLP techniques worldwide to achieve better results.

NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) as a coaching technique

There are different people in teams, with different talents and character traits. If everyone works well together and uses his or her strength and talent for the benefit of the team, the team is effective and you work well together. But people can clash, ideas can clash, or the behavior of one can provoke resistance in the other.

What can you do as an agile coach, scrum master or manager? Which interventions can you carry out and which aids can you use? What of these fits well with your personality so that it actually works in your practice?

60% of teams fail to achieve what they should achieve [1]

[1] Source: Dr. Eunice Parisi-Carew, “Why Teams Fail — and What to Do About It”

Important causes of lack of team success:

  • A fixed mindset that prevents the team from developing.
  • Distrust and unspoken tensions between team members, towards management or other teams.
  • Team members do not address each other, do not take personal responsibility or have difficulty with ambiguities.

Do you want to go from 60% hassle to 100% success?

NLP for agile coaches

From 60% hassle to 100% success!

Determining ambitions together, intensive cooperation, short cycles with a sharp focus and responding to the dynamics of changing customer and organizational requirements. Do you see these characteristics of agile working in your organization? Are you the agile coach, scrum master or manager who ensures that teams really start flying as a team?

NLP for Agile Coaches at Lagant

NLP for Agile Coaches gives team coaches and executives in agile and lean environments the tools to turn groups of people into teams. Based on your personal profile, you will work with other agile professionals to develop and apply the coaching skills that suit you. The business application of NLP techniques is central to this.

Training in 12 or 3 days

The 12-day training is classroom-based and consists of 6 blocks of 2 days. Each block is dedicated to a specific theme with which we logically bring together and reinforce the principles of NLP and agile coaching:

1. Communication and behavior
2. Create connection
3. Coaching techniques
4. Influence by language
5. Working systemically
6. Certification

The 3-day training consists of 3 consecutive days. This abbreviated course is completely virtual / online and covers the following topics:

1. Communication & behavior
2. Coaching techniques
3. Working systemically

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