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The Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe®) is a collection of knowledge (in other words a knowledge base) based on Lean and Agile. SAFe® provides patterns, principles and tools to successfully develop large-scale solutions. It is the most widely used framework in large organizations and governments.



Why SAFe®?

Because it has proven itself if more than approximately 50 people jointly plan, develop and deliver in large organizations. Scaling, also known as Scaling, is suitable for multiple teams working together to deliver a solution. SAFe® aims to increase employee coordination, maintain value delivery and quality at scale and create fast turnaround times.

As Lagant Change Guides, we believe that the context of an organization determines which way of working best suits. This means that we do not implement methodology, but that we make the tools of methodologies work. So that change leads to sustainable results.

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