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Our Agile Transformation Approach

In a high performing organization the culture, structure and processes reinforce each other. Our integrated approach therefore focuses on agile living, agile organization and agile working. Only by working integrally can the step be taken towards an effectively agile organization.
When organizations opt for an agile framework and then roll it out, the focus is mainly on 'doing agile'. The impact on people and on the structure of the organization can be underestimated.

Integrated Approach

For this reason, our integrated approach focuses on the culture, the processes and the structure, in other words, on agile living, agile organization and agile working. Our integrated approach works bottom-up and top-down at the same time, ensuring that the three principles of an agile organization are propagated by everyone.

agile mindset

When the processes are leading, you often see resistance arise. Our starting point are the people and the agile mindset† When the agile mindset is understood and lived through, a culture is created in which the people themselves take the initiative. After all, it is the people who know best which processes and structures are accelerating or slowing down. This knowledge is the basis for setting up or improving agile working, because agile should be a means and not an end in itself. Finally, the goal is to serve the customer as well as possible, thanks to an agile internal organization. Our integrated approach focuses on leadership and the three principles of a learning organization in order to effectively achieve business agility. Whether it concerns a starting or ongoing transformation, our agile coaches help you to get from change need to change vision to successful change. Supporting the coaching, they can help with the application and development of the:

  • YOWYO! mindset
  • The Agile Leadership Track
  • The Agile Transformation Monitor

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