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Complaints procedure


The aim of the complaints procedure is to structure the process of handling complaints within the organization. This structuring means that customer complaints (both internal and external) should be received, registered, handled and evaluated in such a way that:

  • the customer is still satisfied as well as possible;
  • recurrence of the complaint is prevented.
  • Complaints will be treated confidentially at all times.

How to handle a complaint

  1. The customer (complainant) who has a complaint must submit it by email ( with a clear explanation about which the customer is not satisfied within two (2) weeks after the complaint has arisen. If documentation is available, this will also have to be attached in copy by the customer (complainant). Original items will not be returned. Only complaints submitted by email will be considered.
  2. The complaint is registered in the complaints registration system for at least 2 years.
  3. The recipient of the complaint will send a confirmation of receipt (within 5 working days), as well as a term within which the complaint will be handled (minimum 6 weeks, maximum 3 months). If required, further information will be obtained from the customer or an appointment will be made to discuss the matter. After the recipient has gathered sufficient information, a decision will be made about the complaint after internal consultation. If possible and necessary, a suitable solution will be proposed to the customer (the complainant). If the customer (complainant) does not agree with the solution, an appointment will be made for clarification.
    If a longer time (than 3 months) is required to conduct an investigation, the customer (complainant) must be informed within 2 working days after this has been determined, explaining the delay; moreover, an indication must be given when one expects to be able to give a definite answer.
  4. The recipient also records the solution in the complaints registration system. If the recipient cannot or cannot immediately resolve the complaint itself, it will be submitted to the director and the customer (complainant) will be informed about this. The customer (complainant) will then receive a response within 1 month about the working method/procedure regarding the settlement of the complaint.
  5. The complaint is recorded in the complaints registration system, stating:
  • Description of complaint;
  • name of complainant;
  • Responsible within Lagant;
  • solution;
  • yes/no agreement with customer;
  1. If the customer (complainant) has previously submitted a complaint on the same subject on which a decision has already been made, this complaint will not be processed again.
  2. If the customer (complainant) and Lagant cannot reach an agreement, the customer (complainant) can engage an independent third party. The decision of this independent third party will be binding on both parties. Independent third party is:
    Jeroen van der Werf

Determining the cause and solving the complaint

After the complaint has been settled, the handler, if necessary in consultation with the director, determines the possible causes of the complaint and checks whether a structural solution or preventive measures are desired. Solutions must be recorded in the complaints registration system. The customer (complainant) will be informed about this.


All employees are responsible for correctly receiving a complaint. The complaints handler is responsible for settling the complaint. The director is responsible for the analysis and archiving of the complaint and other related documents and the monitoring of the complaint handling.

Analysis of the complaints

The director reports periodically to the organization. The director processes the data and makes an annual analysis. The director also makes recommendations to prevent new complaints and to improve procedures.

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