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I want an agile organization

Customers are constantly changing their needs and wishes. How do you ensure that you respond to this, that you give the customer an optimal experience every day?

We call this creating agile stability. Agile thanks to a flexible and learning internal organization and stability because the ambitions are continuously realized. Are you taking the step towards an effective agile organization?

This is what Lagant offers you

Loyal customers and committed employees

In an agile organization, the culture, structure and processes reinforce each other. Teams work well together and coordinate with each other to achieve the strategic objectives of the organization. Ownership and decisiveness are the magic words here.

By aligning strategy and execution in such a way that culture, processes and the organizational structure reinforce and accelerate each other. Lagant's integrated approach focuses on agile living, organizing and working. We encourage learning as a team through the 'show, do together, do it yourself' approach. We use visualizations and experiential exercises to get people moving to realize transitions. We empower team members and in this way elicit renewed energy in the team. Follow your passion and apply your craftsmanship; we think that's important. This is how we create a lasting impact on your organization.

agile mindset

An agile mindset means being open to experimentation, a shared customer focus and feeling and taking responsibility together. So show decisiveness. We also call this mindset YOWYO, You Own What You Observe. This becomes anchored in the culture of the organization. The result? Teams take the initiative themselves, can respond quickly to changing circumstances and always pay full attention to the customer's interests.

Agile culture

Too much hierarchy and control within an organization can get in the way of effective agile working. Paying attention to the culture within an organization is therefore essential. The agile culture revolves around ownership and decisiveness of teams. We help bring about a culture change, after which agile flows through your DNA.

Agile leadership

An agile organization starts with leadership. We have three spearheads in agile leadership:

  • leading yourself
  • leading the people
  • leading the organization

In this way you create an environment that enables autonomous teams to continuously deliver valuable results for the customer.

Hat Lagant GROWTH Organization Compass

The Organization Compass shows whether and to what extent your organizational culture & organizational structure reinforce each other to become a customer-oriented & agile organization.

How does Lagant help make your organization agile?

The Organization Compass

The Organization Compass shows whether and to what extent your organizational culture and organizational structure reinforce each other and contribute constructively to the strategy. To become a customer-oriented and agile organization. This enables us to monitor at organizational level to what extent steps are actually being taken to achieve the formulated strategic objectives.

Organizational change starts with the MT

Most organizations are made up of teams. The highest team has by far the most influence on the organization, often the Management Team (MT). They determine the context and the frameworks of the organization. That's where we start. On the basis of five perspectives, we coach the MT to successfully realize changes. So that they too can enjoy results again. From collaboration to collaboration.

This is what our customers say

Supervision of change process

The guidance process by Lagant has provided much more connection between the teams. We have started to prioritize and listen better to each other. From now on we will discuss in order to reach agreement with each other. People experience that what they do matters and that it is seen.
The team coach training, which was followed by the internal ambassadors, has enabled us to apply a number of new working methods. At the start of corona, this helped us to think creatively about how we could do sessions, such as retrospectives, sprint planning, refining requirements, differently and with positive results.
I heartily recommend Lagant for the knowledge, experience, and persistence to initiate the process and change.

Orlando Heijmerink and his team at Lagant achieved in a week what would otherwise have taken months. Thoughtful analysis with attention to detail in combination with warm attention to employees has made our trial offices better. Because differences were bridged, new wishes sometimes already became reality and where there are still dreams, the trained ambassadors make them come true.

Sonja Zweegman, MD PhD - Amsterdam UMC

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FROM DOING AGILE TO BEING AGILE Agile Business Builders have been asked to coach on the agile mindset, the culture change and attitude and behavior to make agile work successful.
customer case


“Looking back over the past period, compared to when we started this journey to SILICON 2.0, the current results and successes have been a hope and a dream.”

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