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Working on achieving goals with energy and pleasure. That's what a good team does. In a good team you feel safe to enter into conflicts with each other and have vigorous discussions with each other. Do you lead a team and do you want to achieve this team collaboration? Lagant helps.

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agile team

As a coach or manager you want to make an impact with your (agile) team. Growth, decisiveness and ownership are the basis for effective collaboration in an agile team. We do this, for example, by:

Team workshops

On to a good team collaboration

Attention to team development is an investment that pays for itself immediately. A well-coordinated team does work together that they like and are good at and are therefore more effective than other teams. Our workshops focus on team dynamics, communication, ownership, shared goals and decisiveness.


Agile teams, Scrum teams, Project teams

Our team coaches support executive and management teams, agile teams, scrum teams and project teams with coaching on the job. As a result, the guidance is not theoretical or based on situations afterwards, but is pragmatic and effective, when necessary. With attention to people and process.

Guide & coach teams yourself

Whatever team you work with, every good team consists of people with different qualities and talents. The trick is to make the most of these qualities, with respect and understanding for mutual differences. Knowing what everyone's specific contribution is within a team and what binds the team together is crucial for the proper functioning of a team. This is the only way to achieve the set goals. Do you want to further develop your team skills? Then our Team Coach training might be something for you!

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Training Agile & Scrum basic experience

Remi-Armand also knows how to make the most of it online and get it out of the participants, thanks to his inspiring way of telling and the many digital working methods he offers.

Marien de Clercq - Radboud University

Workshop Facilitation

At the end of 2019, we set up a nice series of 'facilitating workshops' with Change Guide Lagant for an internal pool of risk advisers within our organization. The aim of this is to offer the risk advisers, as experienced facilitators of risk sessions, extra tools by mainly doing it themselves.
This 'learning-by-doing approach' ties in nicely with the vision and working method of Change Guide Lagant's on such development issues.

Due to the corona crisis, the initial plan of physical workshops could suddenly no longer continue and there was a challenge in how to act as a facilitator in an online setting. Change guide Lagant immediately thought along with us and together we came up with a nice online offer. Due to circumstances, we therefore deviated from the initial assignment, but held a nice series of online workshops. This is thanks to the reliable, flexible and cooperative attitude of Verandergids Lagant as a partner. Very satisfied with this attitude and certainly recommended with regard to their knowledge and experience in the field of online facilitation.

Younes Ezzohari - Municipality of Den Bosch

Selected for you:


Team Booster

The Team Booster improves mutual communications & collaboration to achieve common goals.

GROWTH Team Compass

The Lagant GROWTH Compass provides direction by providing insight into the interaction between the organization, the teams and the people in the teams at the moment.

Agile leadership track

To support leaders in their development, Lagant combines the GROWTH compass at individual, team and organizational level within the Agile Leadership Track.

Working together on collaboration

During this interactive workshop you and your team examine Lencioni's five frustrations.

How does Lagant help improve your team(s)?

From working together to working together

We work from the approach of 'show, do together and do it yourself'. Through visualizations and experiential exercises, we provide the team with tools to get started themselves. We facilitate inspiring dialogues, mirror and stimulate teams to develop cooperation. In other words, from working together to working together. In this way we create a lasting impact on the working environment and the organisation.

Lagant Change Guides

Lagant's team coaches use movement differently than you might be used to. They use positive psychology to make teams take ownership of their own change ambitions. They are all professional idiots who believe that fun and results can go hand in hand. They support you and your team in making an impact. For example during a training (clickables<), workshop or as a coach in the workplace. That's what Change Guides do.

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