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Loyal customers and committed employees

Customers are constantly changing their needs and wishes. How do you ensure that you respond to this, that you give the customer an optimal experience every day?

We call this creating agile stability. Agile thanks to a flexible and learning internal organization and stability because the ambitions are continuously realized.

This is what Lagant offers you

GROWTH Organization Compass

The Organization Compass shows whether and to what extent your organizational culture & organizational structure reinforce each other and contribute constructively to the strategy to become a customer-oriented & agile organization.

GROWTH Team Compass

The Team Compass provides insight into the level of involvement of the team, their preferred attitude and communication styles with which they can positively influence each other and their environment. In addition, it provides insight into the factors that cause flow or resistance.

GROWTH Leadership Compass

The Leadership Compass gives you insight into the development potential of your personal leadership. With these insights you can start developing this to increase your positive influence and impact in the field of 'leading yourself', 'leading the team' and 'leading the organization'.

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GROWTH Organization Compass

The Organization Compass identifies the growth accelerators and growth limiters of your own organization in the field of strategy, culture, innovation and operation. This way you know exactly what it takes to get from strategy to successful execution.

GROWTH Team Compass

Get to know the GROW Team Compass during an in-company workshop. This workshop gives you insight into the mutual team dynamics, your energy givers & energy guzzlers and the influences that determine your mood. You will receive tools to positively influence these insights yourself.

GROWTH Leadership Compass

This Compass gives you insight into your leadership qualities within an agile environment. The Compass also reflects your growth potential on these qualities and helps you to recognize your own growth limiters and accelerators.

Lagant GROWTH Compass to realize your change ambitions

Organizational development with a focus on ownership & decisiveness

The essence of personal, team and organizational development is connecting the inner and outer world. You achieve this by making full use of the expertise and perspectives of the employees in a motivating work environment. This combination requires the right balance between a culture of ownership and a structure that facilitates autonomy.

Lagant GROWTH Compass as part of the Agile Leadership Track

As a manager you are responsible for the people in the teams, their development, cooperation and often also the structure and results. Do you want to help the organization, the teams and yourself further in the growth towards agile stability with continuous customer value? Then the Agile Leadership Track is for you.

Lagant GROWTH Compass as a direction for the transformation

A successful transformation pays attention to culture, process and structure. Are you at the start of a transformation or are you shaping the next phase? The Lagant GROWTH Compass helps with this! It provides insight into the current situation and visualizes the desired situation in all three areas of attention that a successful transformation entails.

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