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In-depth curiosity for the customer, enthusiasm, involvement, a passion for the profession. Even professional idiots, who continue to develop their knowledge and skills day in day out. This is how you recognize Lagant's Change Guides. Our mission is to help clients achieve their change ambitions.
Our professionals support organizations by increasing decisiveness, ownership and self-learning capacity within teams. They each do this in their own field and always from an agile mindset. Our Change Guides work on the basis of four pillars: connection, ownership, originality and making an impact.


We combine all our available expertise, knowledge and experience with yours. In this way we help you to increase the connection with each other and with the organization and to realize an optimal experience for your customers. From strategy to execution; everyone knows the organizational objectives and understands with which initiatives they contribute to the customer promise.


You observe and do something with it. That is not always obvious. The YOWYO! method helps you with this. You Own What You Observe! Take ownership and share your observations with the right person. This is the only way to create a culture of decisiveness and to find the solution together. Ownership accelerates progress!


Our Change Guides are driven and have a passion for the profession. Yet every Change Guide is unique. We believe that being authentic is important, because creativity arises from freedom of thought and action. In this way you discover different angles and new perspectives. That will help you further.

Making an impact

No organization, no customer and no challenge is the same. Standard solutions therefore do not work. We ask the right questions and really get to know your organization. So that we can offer a solution that exactly fits the organization. In this way we can learn, experiment and improve step by step. We go for joint, positive impact. Because only that brings positive results.
Below you will find Lagant's manifesto, in which we briefly and clearly set out our views. These are views on how we want to work with our customers. It shows what we find important and what our approach looks like. Customers will experience this when working with our consultants and trainers. 

The Lagant Manifesto

  • Enable near take it off your hands
  • Ask and understand near advise you
  • Let experience near sharing knowledge
  • Long term relationships near short term turnover

Both sides are important, but our approach is characterized by the left side.

What can we do for your organization?

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About Lagant

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Our location in Amersfoort is located directly opposite the main entrance of the NS station and is therefore easily accessible by public transport.
If you come by car, it is best to park at the Q-Park P+R Barchman Wuytierslaan, approximately a 5-minute walk from our office.

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