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The STAP scheme: start your Lagant self-study or training now with up to 100% discount!

Op 1 maart is de STAP-regeling van start gegaan. Dit is je kans om jouw veranderambities bij de horens te vatten en te starten met een opleiding of training. Je kunt met de STAP-regeling tot wel € 1000,- subsidie aanvragen voor jouw nieuwe opleiding! De eerstvolgende mogelijkheid is 1 september. Registreer je vandaag nog!
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What is the STAP budget?

The STEP training budget is a subsidy, which stands for Stsimulation Alabor market Positie. Met dit budget kan iedere burger die daarvoor in aanmerking komt, een budget van € 1000,- aanvragen om zichzelf bij te scholen. De regeling blijkt erg populair. Op 1 maart 2022 werd het allereerste tijdvak van het STAP-budget geopend en binnen 3 dagen was het budget van het eerste tijdvak volledig uitgeput. Maar er is weer een nieuwe kans in september!

Important: application periods

An equal part of the total subsidy amount is available for each application period. If the budget for a period is full, you can apply again for a subsequent period. So submit your application on time via Lagant! If you want to submit your application for a specific period, please indicate this in the form.
Application periods
First possible start date
4 weeks after request
Latest start date
Three months after the end of the application period
January 1 to February 28, 2022
January 29 2022
May 31, 2022
1 March to 30 April 2022
March 29 2022
June 31, 2022
1* May to 30 June 2022
May 29, 2022
30 September 2022
July 1 to August 31, 2022
July 29, 2022
November 30 2022
September 1 to October 31, 2022
29 September 2022
January 31 2023
November 1 to December 31, 2022
November 29 2022
March 31 2023
*NB May 1st is Sunday, registration will take place on Monday May 2nd.

Am I eligible for the STAP budget?

If you live in the Netherlands and have a BSN number, you probably do! Here are the criteria:

You are at least 18 years old and not yet retired;
You work as an employee, are an entrepreneur or do not have a job;
At the time of the application you will not receive a student grant, teacher grant or allowance for school costs for adults;
Your training starts within 3 months after the end of the period in which you applied for the STAP subsidy;
You have not been awarded the STAP subsidy before this year.

This is how you register for the STAP scheme

Choose your education

To help you grow, Lagant . offers trainings and online self study at. You decide what you want to use your STAP budget for!


Fill in the registration form

Vul ons registratie formulier in zodat wij je op 1 september een herinnering kunnen sturen zodat je jouw financiering kunt claimen.


Confirm your registration with Digi-D

You will be asked to log in to the STAP portal with your DigID. There you will be asked for the proof of registration that you have received from us.


Start learning!

We take care of the rest of the administration, so you can use all your time and energy to do what matters most: start learning!


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Register now for the STAP scheme

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The fastest way to your new training or self-study

Choose the training of your choice. You can register directly for the STAP scheme on the page. After receiving your registration, we will contact you within 24 hours on working days for your registration form. Below you will find all the courses that you can follow for free:
Button groups
  • All
  • Agile & Scrum
  • IT and service management
  • Leadership & Skills
  • Program, project and portfolio management
  • change management
Type 2 Extended Mobile

field of study

Type 2 Advanced
  • Agile (4)
  • AgilePgM® (1)
  • AgilePM® (2)
  • IT (13)
  • ITIL® (9)
  • Lean (3)
  • MSP® (2)
  • PRINCE2® (3)
  • SAFe® (1)
  • Scrum (4)
  • Time management (1)
  • change management (2)
1 2 3 ... 5


How do I register with Lagant for an education or training?
Selected training and self study have a green sign up button. Fill in the form and we'll get to work.
Is there unlimited space?
The subsidy pot for the STAP budget is not unlimited. There is 200 million euros available per year, which equates to 200.000 to 300.000 grants per year. Application periods of two months are used: the total budget is divided over these application periods. Has the budget of an application period run out? Then the UWV will inform you about this. You can register again at the start of the next application period. The UWV is responsible for the allocation; we have no influence on this.
Can I choose from all training courses and courses?
Some training sessions are excluded. In some cases you can register for a course that is more expensive than the STAP budget of €1000. You will receive an invoice from us for the amount above. Please contact us if your desired training is not listed above.
How far in advance can I register for a course?
You can register with us at any time. After your request, we will contact you and discuss the options. Do you want to register for a later period? Which can.
Do I pay VAT on a course or training if I use the STAP budget?

The STAP subsidy is aimed at private individuals, which is why we use the VAT-exempt price for STAP registrations. Because we offer an invoice without VAT, we are forced to charge a cost-effective correction of 8% on the investment price. So instead of 21% VAT on the investment price, you pay 8% VAT-free correction. More information.

I am already registered for a course/training. Can I still apply for the STAP budget?

Not started yet? take contact us with us.

It is not possible to apply for a STAP budget afterwards for a course that has already started.

What happens after the education or training is completed?

After the education or training has been completed, we deliver a certificate of participation to the UWV. The UWV checks whether all obligations have been met and decides whether the STAP budget is definitively allocated.

On what does the UWV base whether I have successfully completed my education or training?

The UWV states that you successfully complete a course or training if you:

  • receive a diploma or certificate, or
  • at least 80% attended the meetings.

If you do not comply with this obligation, the subsidy can be reclaimed in whole or in part. You can also be excluded from further access to a grant application for a maximum of two years. Therefore, contact us and/or UWV in good time if you notice that you cannot meet the conditions.

I have another question.

Contact us via of +31(0)41 322 4106 and we are happy to help you.

Tips for a successful STEP registration

To make it easier for you to register, we have collected tips for you. This increases your chance that your application will be approved by UWV.

make your choice

First choose one of our trainings of self study.


Pre-register your study

Vul ons registratie formulier in zodat wij je voor 1 september een herinnering kunnen sturen zodat je jouw financiering kunt claimen.


Choose your study on time

Make sure you have your proof of participation vóór 1 september of lagant have received. You need this for your application to the UWV.


Don't log in too early

Log op 1 september niet vóór 10.00 uur in op de UWV STAP site. De kans dat het systeem een foutmelding geeft is groot door alle drukte.


Patience is a virtue

Schrijf je op 1 september (direct na 10:00 uur) in op de UVW STAP site. Het kan even duren voordat je bericht ontvangt maar breek de procedure niet af! Hou je computer/laptop/tablet aan en wacht geduldig af. Dit geeft de grootste kans dat je aanvraag goedgekeurd wordt.


Increase your chances

On the website you see the counter of available budget decrease. Don't be put off! We have seen that it is still possible to register up to 3 to 4 days after the start of the registration period. So don't panic if you have not submitted your application immediately by 10.00:XNUMX AM.

From May 1th there will be a STAP budget again, choose your training NOW!

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