Team Booster

Do you notice that things are going differently within your team than you would like? That communication is difficult? That not everyone shows ownership? Or that you have been on the right track for a while and are looking for your next step? Whatever your need, every team deserves a Team Booster!

This is what Lagant offers you

Team Booster

The Team Booster is about getting to know the person behind your colleague. When you get to know and understand each other's motivations and communication styles, you notice that this does something for the team dynamics. You will sooner see where you complement each other and where frustrations sometimes come from. The Team Booster helps to reduce miscommunications and achieve common goals earlier.

Energy Booster

You know that story about the four-hour work week? That's about how only a few hours of work should really feel like work, because everything else you do gives you so much energy and joy that it doesn't feel like work at all. The Energy Booster is based on this principle and helps you and your team to apply this principle in your daily practice.

Mood Booster

Your mood at work is influenced daily by your working environment, opportunities to develop, the cohesion and involvement within the organization and whether you can be yourself completely. Paying attention to these factors ensures that you recognize them earlier. The Mood Booster teaches you to start from a YOWYO! mindset to positively influence these factors and thus your own mood.

Selected for you:


Mood Booster Workshop - Team

Within your daily work climate, we visualize the mood of you and your team based on weather images and we will give it a boost together.

Team Booster Workshop - 1 day

The one-day Team Booster is intended to be followed by a YOWYO! mindset and attitude to achieve great things as a team. You close with a plan of action to keep boosting your team after this day.

Team Booster Workshop - 2 days

The two-day Team Booster is intended to take the time to reflect, learn and look ahead. This two-day event is also extremely suitable for new teams.

Team Booster Workshop - 4 days

Four Days Boost on collaboration, communication, attitude & behaviour, dealing with outside influences, ownership, clear goals and mutual team dynamics.

How does Lagant help improve your team(s)?

From working together to working together

We work from the approach of 'show, do together and do it yourself'. Through visualizations and experiential exercises, we provide the team with tools to get started themselves. We facilitate inspiring dialogues, mirror and stimulate teams to develop cooperation. In other words, from working together to working together. In this way we create a lasting impact on the working environment and the organisation.

Lagant Change Guides

Lagant's team coaches use movement differently than you might be used to. They use positive psychology to make teams take ownership of their own change ambitions. They are all professional idiots who believe that fun and results can go hand in hand. They support you and your team in making an impact. For example during a training (clickables<), workshop or as a coach in the workplace. That's what Change Guides do.

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