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Get to know Lagant's change guides. You can recognize Lagant's professional idiots and Change Guides by our love for the profession, our profound curiosity for the customer, our enthusiasm, our involvement.
Jeroen Ykema
Change guide | CEO & Co-owner
Orlando Heijmerink
Change guide | Partner
Remi-Armand Collaris
Change guide | Team coach trainer
Evelien Top
Change guide | Trainer
Heidie van der Putten
Change guide | Planning coordinator
Guus Linnemann
Change guide | Sales manager
Karno Dorenbos
Change guide | Trainer
Fred Bruce
Change guide | Trainer
Karin Disc
Agility Coach – Cultural Change
John Glerum
Commercial manager
Mark Oosterbroek
Agility Coach – AHA moment creator
Sean van Koutrik
Agility Coach - Transition Lead
Casper Stockman
Agility Coach - Inspirator for Being Agile
René Leurs
Agility Coach - Scrum Master with humour
Ronald Verheiden
Agility Coach – Optio associate
French Drumming
Agility Coach - Transformational Leadership
Jennifer Boskeljon
Change guide
Cindy Goldkade
Change guide
Kevin DeRijk
Change guide
Marlon Knaken
Change guide
Susan van der Hoorn 
Change guide | Planning coordinator
Harry Meijer
Change Guide | Agile Coach

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Heidie van der Putten

Heidie van der Putten

Planning coordinator

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Heidie van der Putten
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