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After each training, we send out a survey to continuously improve the quality of our services. This shows that we far exceed the expectations of our students. A selection of our results:

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Some students are kind enough to share their experiences. Below you can find the latest reviews.

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NLP training for Agile Coaches

I followed the NLP training for Agile coaches through Lagant. It was my first encounter with NLP. During the three days I received a number of practical tools that were clearly explained and that we were able to practice in the group. Based on this, I can apply these tools well in daily practice and I have also become very curious about NLP and may delve further into this.

Training Agile & Scrum basic experience

Remi-Armand also knows how to make the most of it online and get it out of the participants, thanks to his inspiring way of telling and the many digital working methods he offers.

NLP for Agile Coaches - 3 days

A great training to dive into the world of NLP, to get acquainted with its principles and to get started with a number of methods / techniques. After 3 days I have already gathered many tools and this certainly makes me want more! It was a very interesting training with inspiring trainers and very varied due to the continuous alternation of theory and practice. Due to, among other things, the ability of the trainer to fully take you into the world of NLP with its stories, visual explanations and images, the training is stimulating in all areas. I have come to a number of great, new insights and have learned new techniques / methods that I can use in my coaching practice as a tool. All in all, a very enriching experience and a nice addition to my knowledge.

Nice and clear e-learning environment. Practice for the exam with the ExamTrainer. I will definitely follow my next self-study at Lagant again!

Professional Scrum Master 1

Good quality

PRINCE2® Foundation training

Followed the PRINCE2 Foundation training online. Nice e-learning with videos and practice questions. Lagant was easily accessible for questions. I have experienced the possibility of doing a written exam on location at Lagant as very pleasant.

PRINCE2 Practitioner Training

I followed the Prince2 Practitioner training through Lagant. Thanks to Jeroen's guidance I got through it well. The accessibility, explanation, course materials and preparation for the exam were excellent. To be repeated. See you in three years, at the repeat. Thanks!

An intensive training for Agile PM. But well constructed with assignments and explanations.

distinguishing scrum -agile remains difficult English terms are also often confusing. planning & control is often a department, but it is about something else

Supervision of change process

The guidance process by Lagant has provided much more connection between the teams. We have started to prioritize and listen better to each other. From now on we will discuss in order to reach agreement with each other. People experience that what they do matters and that it is seen.
The team coach training, which was followed by the internal ambassadors, has enabled us to apply a number of new working methods. At the start of corona, this helped us to think creatively about how we could do sessions, such as retrospectives, sprint planning, refining requirements, differently and with positive results.
I heartily recommend Lagant for the knowledge, experience, and persistence to initiate the process and change.

Nice to learn about different methods that help to become more Gile in a project, and how planning projects fit into agile environments. I really appreciated Orlando taking the time to explain things that went beyond the subject of the exam (especially stakeholder management, scrum, story mapping, practical ways to make teams work better together, and other agile methods such as safe and how they should be implemented in larger organizations.

Clear explanation, working with Miro works well. Smooth and easy to follow.

Inspiration workshop NLP

Very nice and energetic NLP inspiration training, given by Basile Lemaire. Briefly describes the possibilities with NLP, very enlightening with a clear structure, clear assignment and instructive feedback. Makes curiosity about more.

Excellent guidance. Both for self-study and for the coach. Good preparation for the exam.

I followed the AgilePM fundamentals and practitioner training led by Orlando HeijmerinkOrlando has guided us with inspiration through this course. My course mates also had a lot of work experience, together we discussed our practical experiences and challenges in the field of Agile and DSDM in a very pleasant way. Thank you!

Training ITIL4

Extensive time was taken to discuss everything. The trainer really takes the time to deal with your question.

Orlando Heijmerink and his team at Lagant achieved in a week what would otherwise have taken months. Thoughtful analysis with attention to detail in combination with warm attention to employees has made our trial offices better. Because differences were bridged, new wishes sometimes already became reality and where there are still dreams, the trained ambassadors make them come true.

Tailor-made caterpillar training

I have had a very interactive and inspiring training from Remi-Armand. What I find really added value is that course material (for example document templates) is simply available via the website, so you really have something to do after you have attended the course. Remi-Armand has a pleasant voice and tells fascinating and full of energy. This is certainly a plus at a time when we unfortunately have to attend the training remotely.

Training Time Management

Lagant's Time Management training is highly recommended for anyone who, in any area, feels stuck. After following this training you will not only be clear what you want in life, but you will also be given all the tools to achieve these goals. In addition, the training is full of tips and tricks about, among other things, saying no, setting priorities and speed reading. In short, for me it was the perfect training, and at the perfect time!

Training Agile PM Fast Track

Tailoring the topics and depth to the participants appealed to me the most. This made it a tailor-made training. Sticking to the 'tight rhythm' of DSDM / Agile PM, I will be the first to put it into practice.

Training Time Management

The trainer had adapted the training very well to the virtual possibilities. I was positively surprised at how much fun a day of training from behind your computer can be. This is partly due to the enthusiasm of the trainer and the variation in working methods and interaction. This time management training is broader than just the part of time management. The part personal mission gives me more confidence in the effectiveness and applicability of the time management tools. The personal experience of the trainer completed this training.

Good explanation based on a presentation, exercises, videos, diagrams and practical examples. Doable in 2 days with your own commitment to homework and self-study. Good and clear system to support the self-study with a good practice environment with sufficient test questions.

Workshop Facilitation

At the end of 2019, we set up a nice series of 'facilitating workshops' with Change Guide Lagant for an internal pool of risk advisers within our organization. The aim of this is to offer the risk advisers, as experienced facilitators of risk sessions, extra tools by mainly doing it themselves.
This 'learning-by-doing approach' ties in nicely with the vision and working method of Change Guide Lagant's on such development issues.

Due to the corona crisis, the initial plan of physical workshops could suddenly no longer continue and there was a challenge in how to act as a facilitator in an online setting. Change guide Lagant immediately thought along with us and together we came up with a nice online offer. Due to circumstances, we therefore deviated from the initial assignment, but held a nice series of online workshops. This is thanks to the reliable, flexible and cooperative attitude of Verandergids Lagant as a partner. Very satisfied with this attitude and certainly recommended with regard to their knowledge and experience in the field of online facilitation.

Good training, clear examples given and good preparation for the exam.

Nice training on a topic that is new to me. Trainer has a good pace and takes into account challenges in the group.

A lot of knowledge. Helps you to put knowledge into practice.

Good tailored training. Pleasant that it is a small group, so that the depth can be sought where there is need. Trainer stands still (and regularly tests this) with students' needs

Time management

lagging. The 3 best standouts. 1. Clear and correct; 2. Clear communication in advance, good guidance during and helpful afterwards; 3. Highly professional and driven professionals who provide the training(s)/education. Been following training/education including certification through Lagant for years. They continue to innovate with the training portfolio.

Nice trainer, the clear relevant examples bring the tough material to life. Had two fun and instructive training days.

Each working method is practiced with practical situations of the participants. Because you are in the middle of it yourself, you immediately experience the effect. And that arrives!

Super educational because of the practical approach! You will learn to experiment with new working methods outside your comfort zone. The trainers are critical in a pleasant way, so that you learn to get the best out of yourself.

Training Professional Scrum Master 2

Excellent training from an experience trainer, with many tips and practical examples. Also online all resources in order!

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