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Teamwork thrives when employees feel challenged and supported to get the best out of themselves and their teammates. If they regularly take time together to see how we can do even better than the current one in the coming period. When employees feel and take the space to experiment. As a manager, coach or scrum master, it is your job to create the right environment for this.
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Duration: 6 days | 09:00 - 17:00

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Handouts and materials for teaching methods
Access to a private Trello board with additional materials
Professional Team Coach exam
Book: Practically on the way to Team result
Book: Unleash team energy in your organization

Coaching teams is a profession. If you fulfill the role of manager, coach or scrum master, you know that better than anyone. It is a profession in which continuous experimentation, learning and improvement is a standard part of your work. That is also what makes this profession so fun and varied. Time and again you will find the next challenge on your path where you can sharpen your teeth creatively.

The Binding Teamwork Course provides you with a well-stocked backpack to tackle the role of manager, coach or scrum master even more effectively. In connection with the other participants you will experience methods and models to look at your organization differently. You practice with working methods and positive coaching techniques to empower your team. In addition, you exchange experiences and help each other as participants in finding solutions for obstacles that you encounter in this work.

Encourage self-organization and team learning ...

with the aim of achieving better team results with more pleasure. You learn to create a growth mindset and thus get and keep a continuous process of experimentation, learning and improvement going. As a team, you make a continuous contribution to growing customer value. You practice skills and tools to allow learning and development to emerge from a team itself, so that your team can respond more flexibly to a changing environment. We use tools and practices from Agile, Scrum and Lean ideas with a basic attitude from positive psychology. During the training you will work with working methods and experiential exercises, which you can immediately put into practice with your team. In addition, you exchange your knowledge and experience with participants from other organizations in various forms of intervision.


In 3 blocks of 2 days with a month in between, we work together on practical methods. We start the first block with the underlying ideas of team learning, followed by the first working methods that you can use directly in your own team in the form of a practical assignment. Each subsequent block starts with a summary and intervision, followed by new theory on team learning, additional practical teaching methods, experiential exercises and conversation techniques. You gain experience with all that you have learned during the training.

Prerequisites and Study Load

For this training we recommend HBO work and thinking level. In addition to the 6 days training (classroom or virtual), the preparation for the certificate requires a time investment of between 24 and 36 hours.

The Binding Teamwork Course consists of 3 blocks of 2 days. Each block is part of a specific theme with which we place the models and working methods of that block in a logical framework.

Block 1: Team flying art - How do you eat an elephant

In this block you learn to see processes. Processes in team development, processes in motivation of team members, processes in making work predictable and processes that promote team learning. Topics covered include:

  • Solution-oriented coaching and scale walking
    (according to the book Coaching 3.0, part 2 by Sergio van der Pluim)
  • Estimate and prioritize with WSJF (Weighted Shortest Job First)
    (prioritization method from Scaled Agile Framework)
  • Seven Levels of Delegation with Delegation Poker
    (according to the book Management 3.0 by Jurgen Appelo)
  • Team development and improving teamwork
    (according to Tuckman and Patrick Lencioni's book The 5 Frustrations of Teamwork)

Block 2: Learning Art - Take care of everyone's needs

In this block you learn “not to deal with resistance”. You learn to recognize types of people and collaborate more effectively. You experience forms of intervision and advise each other more effectively. And you discover how you get people into change. Topics covered include:

  • The ambivalence seesaw and motivational conversation
    (according to the book Coaching 3.0, part 1 by Sergio van der Pluim)
  • DISC give personality styles and feedback
    (according to the book Hoogvliegers by Rosenberg and Silvert)
  • Change according to the model of the elephant and its rider
    (according to the book Switch! by Chip and Dan Heath)
  • Competency development and T-shaping

Block 3: Art of Meaning - Enthusiasm as a motor

In this block you learn how to achieve results through enthusiasm. You will experience why self-organization and team learning form such an important basis for healthy, successful organizations. Topics that will be discussed include:

  • Know your coachees, from visitor and complainant to customer
  • Lean, Agile and the organization scan
    (ao based on Bob Marshall's Rightshifting model)
  • The Broaden Build Effect about the importance of positive experiences
  • Vision building with the Disney approach
  • See through your organization with System Thinking
    (according to the book The Fifth Discipline by Peter Senge)
  • The Job Demands-Resource model and the Enthusiastic thermometer

Overarching topics:

  • The (virtual) facilitation and coaching of teams;
  • The effect of positive coaching on team development;
  • The Lean and Agile philosophy;
  • Increasing ownership and employee participation;
  • Practice with practical methods of continuous improvement and team learning;
  • Facilitating team development, where team members are in the lead

What this training will bring you:

  • You have gained experience with a practical 5-step plan for coaching teams;
  • You have filled your backpack with practical working methods that promote team development;
  • You have practiced individual coaching of team members towards more self-organizing, team solving;
  • You have a theoretical basis, with which you give direction to team development.

Anyone who would like to help their team (s) to become more energetic and self-organizing. These are, for example:

  • Managers;
  • (Agile) Coaches;
  • facilitators;
  • Scrum Masters;
  • Product Owners.

You conclude this training with the Agile Connective Teamcoach certification process of Stichting Organisatie 4.0.

Agile Connective Team Coach Exam

With this in-depth exam you demonstrate your knowledge of team learning and practical experience as a team coach.

The exam consists of 3 parts:

  • Testing theoretical knowledge: the exam consists of 60 multiple-choice questions of which you must answer 1% correctly in 75 hour to pass;
  • A reflection report about your experiences as a coach (over the past six months);
  • A personal interview in which you reflect on your growth path as a coach and apply your knowledge and experience to a number of practical cases.

Here you will find an overview of all courses of Organization 4.0 Foundation. You conclude each course with a certification process. In the theory part you show that you have mastered the discussed theory and understand its coherence. In the practitioner part you apply what you have learned in practice and show the effects achieved and your professional development in it.

We register our courses with the LVSC (National Association for Supervision and Coaching). The number of assigned Permanent Education (PE) points from the LVSC is stated in the already registered courses.


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