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A successful organization has loyal customers and energetic employees. Employees who continuously exceed customer expectations. Are you ready to achieve that? Lagant helps you change by connecting strategy and execution. And thus helps to realize your ambitions.
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 from 169 reviews!

I want to develop myself

Are you ready for the next step in your personal and professional development? Increase your knowledge and learn to apply it better. To make more impact at work and beyond.

I want to develop my team(s)

Do you want to make an impact with your (agile) teams? This requires effective collaboration. With positive psychology we stimulate teams to develop decisiveness and ownership.

I want an agile organization

Do you want to respond faster to the trends in the market? Achieve agile stability by streamlining the internal organization. Lagant's integrated approach helps you achieve your strategic goals.

I'm looking for experts

Our professionals are ready to help you realize your ambitions, each from their own field and passion.

Lagant is your Change Guide

A Change guide inspires and supports to be more innovative, agile and successful. The result is happy customers and enthusiastic employees!

30 years+ experience
20+ Change Guides
22.000+ participants
Assessment of services = 8.9

With self-study, training, workshops and coaching we help organizations, teams and individuals om have an updated change ambitions to Realise.

Excellent course. Good overview and depth where necessary.


In-depth training embedded with meaningful experience games that makes it more fun and easier to better fulfill the role of scrum master. After years of guiding scrum teams, I have gained new insights and tools to help teams improve in small steps. Highly recommended for beginners and advanced students!


Very practice-oriented and you determine the topics of the training yourself based on preferences.


Good training where theory is alternated with fun and educational interactive exercises. All this is given by an inspiring and experienced trainer who can translate theory into practice.

Response from Lagant:
Thanks for the nice grade Jan!

The training was arranged through my employer. I am very pleased with trainer Marcel Foederer. He explains clearly and understandably and takes the time for questions and practical examples.
The Peoplecert PowerPoint contained some errors here and there (language/answer options).
The online learning environment is nice to practice with.


The trainer helped us through the material with practical examples!


Agile Project Management Training. The trainer gave a good explanation of the theory and its translation into practice. The group of students was small, so there was plenty of room for questions and sharing knowledge. Pleasant location and easily accessible.


Was great. Good trainer, nice way of teaching, knowledgeable.

Participants in training and self study give us an average of 8.9
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Lagant and Agile Business Builders Continue Together as Lagant

A powerful 'one-stop-shop' organization
those change processes from start to finish
helps to facilitate.

New at Lagant: Time Management

In the time management training you discover the causes of your time problems and you learn to structure.

These are Lagant's 11 New Online self study

At Lagant we are continuously working on innovations to better support you in increasing your insights and skills.

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Lagant helps to realize the change ambitions of you and your organization. Read all about our complete range in our brochure. 

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Lagant makes your change ambitions come true

Connecting strategy to operation
Continuously exceed customer expectations
Involved employees
Agile stable organization
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We are proud of our customers

We have a very broad customer base in a variety of industries.
We have experience in financial services, the energy sector, (municipal) governments, ICT services, industry, construction and healthcare.

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It is our mission to help customers get their change ambitions to come true.

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If you come by car, it is best to park at the Q-Park P+R Barchman Wuytierslaan, approximately a 5-minute walk from our office.

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