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A successful organization has loyal customers and energetic employees. Employees who continuously exceed customer expectations. Are you ready to achieve that? Lagant helps you change by connecting strategy and execution. And thus helps to realize your ambitions.
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Are you ready for the next step in your personal and professional development? Increase your knowledge and learn to apply it better. To make more impact at work and beyond.

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Do you want to make an impact with your (agile) teams? This requires effective collaboration. With positive psychology we stimulate teams to develop decisiveness and ownership.

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Do you want to respond faster to the trends in the market? Achieve agile stability by streamlining the internal organization. Lagant's integrated approach helps you achieve your strategic goals.

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Our professionals are ready to help you realize your ambitions, each from their own field and passion.

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A Change guide inspires and supports to be more innovative, agile and successful. The result is happy customers and enthusiastic employees!

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With self-study, training, workshops and coaching we help organizations, teams and individuals om hun change ambitions to Realise.

Makes curious

A very pleasant way of presenting material that is very interactive and conveyed with humour. It tastes like more and makes you curious. Concerns Scrum Master and Remi-Armand


Training Time Management

The trainer had adapted the training very well to the virtual possibilities. I was positively surprised at how much fun a day of training from behind your computer can be. This is partly due to the enthusiasm of the trainer and the variation in working methods and interaction. This time management training is broader than just the part of time management. The part personal mission gives me more confidence in the effectiveness and applicability of the time management tools. The personal experience of the trainer completed this training.


Training ITIL4

Extensive time was taken to discuss everything. The trainer really takes the time to deal with your question.

Orlando Heijmerink and his team at Lagant achieved in a week what would otherwise have taken months. Thoughtful analysis with attention to detail in combination with warm attention to employees has made our trial offices better. Because differences were bridged, new wishes sometimes already became reality and where there are still dreams, the trained ambassadors make them come true.

Sonja Zweegman, MD PhD - Amsterdam UMC

Nice to learn about different methods that help to become more Gile in a project, and how planning projects fit into agile environments. I really appreciated Orlando taking the time to explain things that went beyond the subject of the exam (especially stakeholder management, scrum, story mapping, practical ways to make teams work better together, and other agile methods such as safe and how they should be implemented in larger organizations.

Keren Kurlander

IPMA D training

IPMA-D Top courses taught by Evelien Top! Evelien managed to captivate us every evening after a long working day with interactive and educational assignments: fun group assignments, Kahoots and enthusiasm. The time flew! Thank you very much :)

Damian D .

Time management

lagging. The 3 best standouts. 1. Clear and correct; 2. Clear communication in advance, good guidance during and helpful afterwards; 3. Highly professional and driven professionals who provide the training(s)/education. Been following training/education including certification through Lagant for years. They continue to innovate with the training portfolio.

Martin Henderson

Good training

Good training, clear examples given and good preparation for the exam.


Had IPMA-D Training from Evelien Top

Had training from Evelien Top for the IPMA-D course. Were fun, interactive training evenings in which many topics were discussed. Training program was tailored by weighing the different experiences of the candidates. This allowed us to work in a focused manner and not to pay too much attention to the topics we already had experience with. Super good experience with Lagant and Evelien! Very satisfied.


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