NLP training for Agile coaches in 3 days

As an agile coach, scrum master or kanban coach you work in the middle of teams that are in full swing. If everyone works well together, every sprint is a party. Unfortunately, that is sometimes disappointing in practice. Team members get in each other's way. Someone seems to be out of the team. Or the atmosphere in the team deteriorates, without there being any visible reason for this. How do you deal with this as a team coach?
Duration: 3 days | 10.00 am-17.00pm
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3 training days
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NLP for Agile Coaches in 3 days is a virtual, online training specially developed for team coaches within agile and lean environments. You learn skills to see through and change behavioral patterns. This on the basis of NLP techniques: Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Do you want to transform old behavior and shape new behavior together? Then this three-day training is exactly what your learning needs are.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is about discovering how people do the things they do, how they communicate, and how you change that. In three days you will learn to recognize patterns and respond to them flexibly. You learn the power of your own way of communicating and seven NLP techniques that are directly applicable in your agile or lean context.

This training consists of 3 days, each day with its own theme:

1. Communication & behavior
2. Connect
3. Team coaching

Prerequisites and study load:

For this training we recommend HBO work and thinking level. It helps if you already have some experience as an Agile coach, team coach or scrum master. In addition to the 3 days of training (classical or virtual), an additional time investment of 6-10 hours must be taken into account.

The training consists of 3 training days. After each training day you will receive an assignment to put into practice at your own workplace, with or within your own team (s).

Day 1: communication & behavior
The first day is about you, your archetype, your talents and beliefs and the way in which you can use them.

• Agile coaching and NLP
• Archetype analysis
• NLP communication model
• NLP assumptions: beliefs from which you act

Day 2: Connecting
The second day is all about the other. By following the other you connect seamlessly to the language and the experience of the other. You will steer by following.

• Connect by building “report”
• Stakeholder connection model: recognizing behavior and interests
• Representation systems: what we perceive and how we translate it
• NLP coaching model

Day 3: team coaching
During the third day we will cover techniques that enable you to better coach teams. You will ask different questions to your team members from different positions, you will look at mutual positions, you will look at motivations and behaviour. You will coach more broadly.

• Perceptual positions: team members learn to empathize with the reality of the other
• Team and organizational constellations based on the work of Hellinger
• Logical levels of Bateson

The training is intended for Agile coaches, Scrum masters, Kanban coaches, Team coaches, Project leaders and Executives.

Na NLP for Agile Coaches in 3 days Do you have the insights and techniques to be (even) more effective in your role as a team coach? What this training will bring you:

• You have insight into your personal communication preferences and their effect on others.
• You recognize behavioral patterns and can intervene in them.
• You use different techniques to connect with the other in order to lead or guide more effectively.

The training is concluded with a certificate of participation.

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