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In-depth curiosity for the customer, enthusiasm, involvement, a passion for the profession. Even professional idiots, who continue to develop their knowledge and skills day in day out. Our professionals support organizations by increasing decisiveness, ownership and self-learning capacity within teams. They each do this in their own field and always from an agile mindset.

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Every professional has earned his or her spurs, but has never stopped learning.
They continue to develop so that they get the best out of the day every day.

Lagant Agile Professionals

  • Agile Trainer
  • Scrum Master
  • SAFe professionals
  • Release Train Engineer
  • Agile Transformation Lead

Lagant program and project professionals

  • Portfolio Lead
  • Program manager
  • Project manager
  • PMO support

Both in the field of agile and traditional project management

Lagant Change Guides

  • Transformation guide
  • Culture guide
  • Team coach guide
  • Leadership guide

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Examples our professionals can help with

Lean Portfolio Manager

Our Lean Portfolio Manager ensures that the right initiatives are taken up and implemented in the field of implementing agile work. The priorities are constantly being evaluated. He or she helps the organization to implement and succeed in this new form of portfolio management.

Agile Trainer

An external Agile Coach has the advantage that he or she looks at the organization and its environment with an objective view. This provides quick insight into all the different stakeholders, their interests and interdependencies.

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